Family Adventures (Ecotourism)

What a unique trip for Families in search of Culture, Nature & Adventures. Your kids will love it !

Antigua, Pacaya Volcano (or Acatenango), Chichicastenango market, lake Atitlan with homestay, Semuc Champey pools, Candelaria Caves, Crater Azul, Yaxha & Tikal mayan temples & the Rio dulce Region (or the Guatemalan pacific coast with great surfing ) !

All our trips can be customized to best fit your wishes, special interests & budget !

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Travel duration :

16 Days

Day 1 :

Arrival in Guatemala / Antigua

Arrival in Guatemala / Antigua

Bienvenidos a Guatemala !

Upon arrival at Guatemala City international airport, our friendly english speaking driver is waiting for you at the airport with a welcome sign. After a quick briefing, he takes you to your hotel in the lovely town of La Antigua Guatemala (1:30).

Feliz noche !

Night in Antigua

Day 2 :



This morning, you will wake up in the most beautiful town of Central America. One of our english speaking staff member will meet your at the reception of your hotel to have a short talk about your trip. Afterwards your guide will take you for a 1/2 day walking tour on cobblestone streets & give you a great introduction to Guatemala and Antigua.

In the afternoon, you will grab a local chicken bus to discover a nearby village. An authentic way to travel used by Guatemalan in their daily life.

Tours options for your afternoon

  • Mountain Bike tour, ATV or UTV tours, Coffee tour, Canopy tour
  • Other tours depending your special interests (bird, food, workshops….)

Night in Antigua

Day 3 :

Antigua / Volcan Pacaya / Chichicastenango

Antigua / Volcan Pacaya / Chichicastenango

Today, be ready for a unforgettable adventure ! Your private driver will take you to San Francisco village (01:30) to hike up Pacaya Volcano (level moderate), an active one which often spew ash, smoke, and lava. Your local guide will take you its foothills, through pine forests, and to an area of lava rock and ash where hot steam escapes from the ground. On a clear day, you will enjoy beautiful views on nearby volcanoes and the Pacific lowlands.

In the afternoon, you will be transferred to Chichicastenango (02:45) in the western highlands. Take time to walk around by night & enjoy the town without tourists. An authentic way to discover Chichicastenango !

Night in Chichicastenango

Day 4 :

Chichicastenango / Lake Atitlan

Chichicastenango / Lake Atitlan

Today, you will discover & enjoy one of the most colorful & lively market of Guatemala. Wake up early to attend mass at Santo Tomás Church, a fascinating insight into the religious syncretism of the Quiché people.

In the afternoon, your driver will take you to Panajachel on the shores of lake Atitlan (01:30), a huge crater lake surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes, are dominated by traditional Mayan families. the lake is also the home of Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s Little Prince:  as the author took away much inspiration and symbolism from the lake.

Once in Panajachel, you will take a private boat (or public if you prefer) for San Juan la Laguna (45mn) where your local family will be waiting for you at the dock.


Night on the shores of lake Atitlan (homestay or hotel)

Day 5 :

Lake Atitlan (Kayaking, Hiking & Cultural Experience)

Lake Atitlan (Kayaking, Hiking & Cultural Experience)

Today, you will discover lake Atitlan off the beaten paths with great outdoor adventures combining hiking & kayaking (or biking if you prefer) in Santa Cruz area. In the afternoon, you will visit San Juan la Laguna & will know more about Mayan traditions visiting art galleries, woman’s weaving cooperatives, a medicinal and curative plant garden & local artists. 

A great day of fun & culture !

During the afternoon, transfer to your hotel in Santa Cruz area or Panajachel. Another option is to spend a 2nd night with your local family.


Other amazing tours options

Hiking : Indian Nose sunrise tour or Volcan San Pedro

Hiking & Visiting : Santa Cruz to San Marcos Hike & cultural tour of San Juan la Laguna

Off the beaten bath cultural tour San Lucas Toliman, Cerro de oro & Santiago Atitlan

Biking : Many trails (easy, moderate, difficult)


Cooking class


Night on the shores of lake Atitlan

Day 6 :

Lake Atitlan / Iximche / Quetzal Reserve / Coban

Lake Atitlan / Iximche / Quetzal Reserve / Coban
This morning, your driver will first take you to Iximche (01h15) a lovely archaeological site which was the capital of the Caqchikel Maya kingdom. When the Spanish conquistadores arrived in the region, they used Iximché as their first base of operations.
After the visit, you will head to the lush green region Las Verapaces, a land of nature & adventure. In the afternoon you will make a stop at a reserve to observe a resplendent Quetzal considered as one of the most gorgeous birds in the New World, and sacred bird to the Mayans.
Late afternoon, you will arrive in Coban (6hrs) a misty alpine town in the Central Highlands of Guatemala.


Night in Coban

Day 7 :

Coban / Lanquin / Semuc Champey

Coban / Lanquin / Semuc Champey

Early departure for Semuc Champey (2:45) with on the road dramatic scenery & remote mountain villages. The last 45mn on a dirty bumpy road can be rough & fun too☺

You did it, now be ready to enjoy one of Guatemala’s hidden natural gems. The pools of Semuc Champey form a staircase of turquoise pools that extend over a natural limestone bridge. The water is the runoff from the Río Cahabón, which tunnels underground before reemerging downstream of the pools. This picturesque place is one of Guatemala’s best spots for swimming and sunning.

Do not forget to climb to the lookout (short but steep 30mn hike up),where  you can fully admire how stunning Semuc Champey is !


Night in Lanquin or Semuc Champey

Day 8 :

Semuc Champey / Lanquin / Candelaria

Semuc Champey / Lanquin / Candelaria

Let’s go ahead with another day of green adventures ! Short pick-up ride (45mn) on the bumpy road to Lanquin, then your driver will take you to Candelaria Caves in the northern Alta Verapaz region (04:15)

In the afternoon, you will explore the Candelaria Caves National Park a system of caves and underground rivers considered as one of the largest and most impressive of Latin America. You will take a unforgettable tubing tour on river Candelaria. Be ready to immerse yourself in the mysticism of Mayan beliefs, these caves formed the entrance to Xibalba, the underworld.


Night near Candelaria Caves

Day 9 :

Candelaria / Sayaxche (Crater Azul) / El Remate

Candelaria / Sayaxche (Crater Azul) / El Remate

This morning, your driver will take you to Sayaxche (01:30) & will introduce you to your boatman. Be ready for a 01:30 scenic boat ride on the Rio la Pasion & Rio Pucte, during which you pass birdlife and a mix of farms, fields and forests. At the source, the water clarity is unsurpassed, allowing for stunning underwater photography and swimming.

Once back in Sayaxche, you will be transferred to El Remate (01:45) a pleasant little town in Guatemala set along the shores of lake Petén Itzá.

Night in El Remate (or Flores)

Day 10 :

El Remate / Yaxha / El Remate

El Remate / Yaxha / El Remate

Free morning to enjoy the natural setting of El Remate village. Rest in your Hammock, go for a swim in the crytal waters of lake Peten Itza, take a wildlife hike at Cerro Cahui Reserve ! Many other activities can be done : horseback riding, kayaking, biking….

In the early afternoon, your english speaking driver will take you to Yaxha National Park (01h30) to explore this atmospheric lakeside arqueological site ending with wonderful views over the tropical forest canopy from the top the main temple. Yaxha is also a great destination to discover the fauna of the Maya Biosphere Reserve.  Over 40 species of mammals have been documented, including Spider Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, Jaguars, Pumas, Ocelots, Tapirs, Agoutis, White-tailed Deer & many birds species such as Keel-billed Toucan, Gartered, Black-headed, and Slaty-tailed Trogon

After sunset, you will be transferred to your hotel in El Remate.  Adds on : Night in Yaxha or in Tikal

Night in El Remate

Day 11 :

El Remate / Tikal / Flores

El Remate / Tikal / Flores

Today, be ready for a unforgettable day !

Your driver & your english speaking guide will meet you at the reception of your hotel & will drive to you to Tikal.

The magnificent Tikal is the largest Maya archeological site found in Central America. You will be signing up for some great hiking in the lus tropical forest. The tour includes 4 of the largest temples with wooden stairs that offer spectacular views of the dense tropical jungles and wildlife in the Petén region.

There is amazing fauna diversity here including howler & spider monkeys, coatimundis, occelated turkeys, spiders, agoutis, and various birds. tinamous, parrots, motmots, aracaris, jacamars, puffbirds, leaftossers, antthrushes, and the odd Northern Royal Flycatcher.

In the afternoon, you will head back to Flores to wander around the streets of Flores.

Adds on tours (in the afternoon)

Tikal sunrise tour

Boat tour on lake Peten Itza

Canopy tour

Sky way jungle bridges

Night in Flores

Day 12 :

Flores / Rio Dulce

Flores / Rio Dulce

This morning, your driver will take you to the Caribbean coast of Guatemala (3:45). If you wish we could make a stop on the way at Finca El Paraiso a combination of a hot waterfall into a cold,clean and refreshing river.

In the afternoon, your private boatman will make you discover the Rio Dulce river a scenic ride between the bridge of  Fronteras to your jungle hotel only accessible only by boat, the perfect place to get away from it all!

The Rio Dulce area is one of the best places in Guatemala to experience bio-diversity, with its lush and pristine forest and rivers, and the abundance of wildlife.



Night on the shores of the Rio Dulce river

Day 13 :

Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce

What a way to start a day ! Wake up with the sounds of nature as you sleep in a traditional bungalow under the trees & on the shores of the river !

This morning, you will go for a short hike through the tropical forest, until the Tiger Cave which is like a sink hole. Enter & a few meters into the cave is a big dark hole. The only way to explore further inside the cave is to jump 5 meters into the  Once inside, walked and swim deep into the cave until we reach a hidden waterfall, which led to another cave. An amazing experience.

Once back at your hotel, relax or enjoy one of the activities (swimming, kayaking, hiking…).

Have a nice night in the jungle !

Night on the shores of the Rio Dulce river

Day 14 :

Rio Dulce / Livingston (7 Altares pools & Beach Playa Blanca)

Rio Dulce / Livingston (7 Altares pools & Beach Playa Blanca)

This morning, your boatman will take you to Livingston (30mn) & will drop you off at the dock of your hotel in Livingston, a small village where live harmoniously different ethnic groups: Garifunas, Mayan Q’eqchi’, Hindús, Chinese & Ladinos.

After a short break, you will go on by boat to Siete Altares, a formation of 7 waterfalls and natural fresh pools of different sizes within a lush rainforest, & Playa Blanca, a pleasant white sand beach natural with palm trees.

After the tour, you will be back in Livingston to wander around & enjoy great food & drinks.

Night in Livingston

Day 15 :

Livingston / Puerto Barrios / Quirigua / Guatemala City or Antigua

Livingston / Puerto Barrios / Quirigua / Guatemala City or Antigua

This morning, your private boatman will take you to Puerto Barrios (30mn) where your driver will be waiting for you. He will take you first to Quirigua (2hrs), a medium-size Mayan site surrounded by luscious banana plantations. UNESCO heritage, Quirigua has one of the tallest stone monuments (stela) ever discovered in the Maya World (over 10 meters high and weighing over 65 tons), unique zoomorphs sculptures & a fascinating history with nearby Copan in Honduras

In the afternoon, you will be transferred to Guatemala City or Antigua (the choice is yours) to spend your last night in Guatemala.


Night in Guatemala City or Antigua

Day 16 :

Guatemala City (out)

Guatemala City (out)

Short transfer to La Aurora international airport for your international flight back to your country . We were glad to have you as guests & make you discover Guatemala !  Hasta luego !

Included / not included

  • Private land transportation
  • Private boat transfers
  • Standard 2* / Comfort 3*  lodging
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Antigua full day private tour
  • Pacaya volcano private tour
  • Multi-activity private tour at lake Atitlan
  • Candelaria Tubing private tour
  • Yaxha private tour
  • Tikal private tour (option sunrise)
  • Rio Dulce private boat tour
  • Entrance fees
  • A full detailed roadbook
  • A local cell phone
  • A personalized welcome by an english speaking member of our team
  • Services not written in our proposal include
  • Travel insurance
  • International flights