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Why Visit El Salvador ?

The Mayans called it Cuscatlán, the Land o Precious Things. This Tiny tropical land is packed with highlights & travelers are surprised by the stunning landscape, with smoking volcanoes, long pearl gray beaches, pristine cloud forests, crystalline lakes. El Salvador is part of the region known as the Mayan World & has a couple of beautiful archaeological sites.

What make Guatemala so special ? 
You will have a lot of fun during your stay in Cuscatlán, the Land o Precious Things as Mayan People called it.
Ramble around Mayan ruines (Joya de Ceren, San Andres, Tazumal...),
Wander around the cobbled street Suchitoto,
Follow the scenic Road of Flowers with its lovely villages (Juayua, Apaneca, Ataco...),
Explore the cloud forest Cerro Verde &
Hike Santa Ana Volcano,
Kayak or even Diver in a Volcanic Lake,
Explore Parque El Imposible an outstanding ecological reserve on the western part of the country,
Discover Panchimalco indigenous festivities &
Step back in time by visiting the Perquin region where took place some of the bloodiest battles in El Salvador's civil War.

Come & visit El Salvador. Salvadorans are proud to welcome you in their slice of paradise.    

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