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Why visit Guatemala ?

Magical !

Guatemala is an extraordinary country: varied and harmonious landscapes, active volcanoes, high-altitude lakes, tropical forests, secular villages lost in the highlands, Atlantic and Pacific coasts, archaeological sites ...

The vast majority of Guatemalans descend directly from the Mayans. Indians, who represent 60% of the population, have kept their languages, their customs, their folklore and their traditional costumes, particularly rich in color. Unlike Mexico, which is much more mixed, we are immersed in the Indian culture, in the heart of the Mayan world.

And it's not folklore. Most of Guatemala is intact, authentic. And then it houses a fabulous archaeological site, Tikal, buried in the heart of the forest, and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Atitlán, surrounded by its volcanoes with perfect cones ... In fact, Guatemala is our favorite country of Central America.

What make Guatemala so special ? 
Extraordinary Mayan archaeological sites like world-famous Tikal or the more secluded sites of Yaxhá, Aguateca, and El Mirador,
Incredible indigenous culture (Maya and Garifuna) with 23 different languages,
Bustling & colorful local markets,
37 volcanoes (3 active Pacaya, Fuego, Santiaguito & 2 with crater lake Chicabal & Ipala),
Amazing natural diversity: lakes, rivers, waterfalls, natural pools, mountains, volcanoes, rainforest, cloud forests, beaches,
Off the beaten path travel experiences in the highlands (community tourism),
Wonderful traditional crafts and textiles,
A land of green adventures (Hiking, Caving, Kayaking, Tubing, Birdwatching ...),
More than 763 recorded bird species,
Terrific collection of Orchids (+1000 different species),
Magnificent Antigua Guatemala, a romantic Spanish-colonial charm town with cobblestone streets & colorful houses,
Unique festivals & traditions (Giant Kite Festival, Holy Week, Independence day, Feria de Santo Tomas...),
A perfect destination for Slow Tourism lovers, Yoga Retreat &  Wellness activities,

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