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Thanks for traveling with us !


Yonatan, Israel

Hi our dear Arnaud!!!
Our trip was G R E A T !!!
Although sometimes distance were long (Semuc Champey),
We all agree that it was a special and unique experience.
We wish you and your beloved ones good life, happiness and success.
Anat, Hezi & Yonatan.


Karen, Usa

There was nothing I disliked about my 15 days trip to Guatemala & Honduras ! It was the perfect trip. It was planned flawlessly by Lorena. She took the time to hear what I wanted, and planned it accordingly. There was not a moment of doubt with any of my transportation & my bookings. The places she booked for me had fantastic views that I wasn't prepared for upon my arrival. The trip was everything I had dreamed of and more. Lorena did a fantastic job!!!!


Alexandra, Italia

We had a fabulous trip to Guatemala & Belize. There was always someone waiting for us , the drivers were really punctual. The views from the hotels were greatl, the roadbook we got fron the agency was very helpful and complete. Overall, the service Lorena gave us was outstanding!


Nigel, Canada

Extremely well organised, the pace was just right, the guides were brilliant. Lorena was great, made the correct recommendations and provided us with a really great driver. Only one bad point, having to leave Guatemala!


Donovan, Usa

Very well organized, friendly and knowledgeable drivers and guides, good English, some flexibility in the schedule - no just go go go, accommodations better than expected. I was impressed with the trip booklet that was provided, it was very detailed and a great tool to have for each location.


David, Usa

Guatemala is a beautiful country with a distinctive and diversified geography within a relatively small area and its people are friendly. It is a great mix of nature and native cultures. The agency (including Lorena, our agent, and Arnaud, the GM) helped us plan a comprehensive trip, executed it flawlessly, including selecting a wonderful driver for us who spoke English well and was very helpful, placing us in great hotels (some of which were drop-dead beautiful), and, in general, giving us the feeling that they were with us every step of the way (we stayed in 10 different places over a two week period. They even gave us a local cell phone.) Just incredibly helpful, smart, caring people who know their business - and the country - well. We would very highly recommend them. Thank you!

Tim & Fanny

Tim & Fanny, Belgium

We recently got back home from a speechless 20 day trip trough Guatemala & Belize, organized by Bon Voyage. A few months before, I e-mailed and skyped with a girl that works for the agency. She did an amazing job to make sure that everything I wanted to do was in our program in a logic and fun way. The day we arrived at Guatemala City Airport there was a friendly driver waiting for us. He drove us to Antigua, where we stayed in Casa ...... (owners are super sweet, and the stay itself is stunning!) Also, when we walked into the room, there was a very beautiful book with the entire program, a lot of maps and hand written information was important for us, vouchers, foods and a local phone (if there was any problem and we didn't had WiFi to call trough Whats App, we could use this one). They also made time to come to our hotel to explain everything the first morning. (but in the book everything was already explained very good, all vouchers, everything was just there..) First we had a lovely free day to explore the beautiful city of Antigua. Our first activity was the hiking of the pacaya volcano, very good organized and fun, but nothing compared to the hike of Acatenango & Fuego I will talk about later. Then we visited the colorful market of Chichicastenango, where Arnaud told us there is more to do then only the market, and yes there was!! His recommendation took us to the cemetery (worth visiting) and also to a place on a mountain where they did a Mayan ceremony (cool to see, but it is a little hike). Our next big activity was the visit of Lake Atitlan. Again they arranged a very cool place to sleep !!! But the most awesome thing we're going to remember for the rest of our lives is our guide Humberto that really took us around the lake. Kayaking, Hiking, eating at an amazing place in a local village during the awesome hike. He took us to a place where women showed how all the typical fabric is made! A very very big thank you for Humberto!!! Keep up the good work! After that, the biggest adventure of all: hiking the Acentenango volcano, during the hike you see a lot of different vegetation and the base camp has a speechless view of the Fuego volcano, it is optional to also hike to the top of this one, but is is a 4 more hour hike, but it is worth it!!! They had fun and crazy guides and a very good organisation. Also big thank you for all the people & guides of this compagnie. Next stop was Semuc Champey. We stayed two nights in the hostel .... nearby the national park (the closest one near the park), so early in the morning you could visit Semuc when there is not one tourist! We were the first ones in the park and thereby took great pictures and saw amazing animals. You can easily go to the park yourself without guide and also visit caves with a candle in your hand organized on the day itself. Back in our hostel they had very good food, nice people and a pool! Everything you need to relax in the evening. Our trip to Flores was a long one, but accept it and your day will be much better. We stayed 2 nights a little bit out of Flores, the place called El Remate. Again a room with most beautiful view of the lake. Not far from this place is the national park of Tikal. With a shuttle that picked us up at 3:30 am we could enjoy the sunrise & sounds of all animals. After that, a guide took us around the place with interesting stories. We traveled to Belize (Caye Caulker) with excellent transportion services. Everytime, we just gave the vouchers to the driver that Bon Voyage arranged for you. Once in Caye Caulker, we had 3 days without any activity planed by Bon Voyage. But they sure given us the best hotel of the island! We stayed in a colourful cabana with fresh coffee you could make yourself in the morning, we were given our own bikes, free snorkeling gear, kayak, and so much more. After this relaxing time we went back for our last 5 days to the south east of Guatemala, Rio Dulce. We stayed in a 2 floor cabin right next to the lake. With beautiful views and sounds everywhere. The Hostel ...... really provides you everything you need, to discover this beautiful river. Then there it was, our trip back home, with one more evening in our home base, Casa ....., in Antigua. A speechless Friday evening never to forget in Antigua! Big thank you again Arnaud for arranging earlier transportation from Rio Dulce to Antigua! Otherwise we would not have had such a good evening! Be sure to go out if you are there in the weekend! A big thank you for the hole team of Bon Voyage for good collaboration, professional guidance and recommendations , well organized trips ... We definitely recommend you!! Regards, Tim & Fanny


Laura, Swiss

I don’t know where to start but I am originally from El Salvador but adopted by a Swiss family, I was a little bit sceptical about going back to my home country after 30 years but Agence Bon Voyage made my doubt flew away even before the trip even start. From the beginning to the end , Arnaud ( the agency owner) and his team put all their best effort together to give us an amazing experience. They were friendly , very responsive and thoughtful to us, you can feel that they care of their customers. We visited El Salvador and Guatemala which my mum and I loved but our stay in Central America wouldn’t have been the same without Agence Bon Voyage. The cherry on the top is when Arnaud came in person to our hotel to take our feedback, nowadays you don’t find such services like that anymore so we really appreciated it. I would definitely recommend this agency for everyone who would like to travel in Central America. The agency has different range of price that can suit your budget and they can tailor you a trip depends of your expectations. I would like to thank them again Arnaud and also Freddy the driver. I can definitely say that coming back in my home country after 30 years was an incredible experience. Laura

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